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You will receive your contract which is good for your yearly membership. 

  1. Turtle Island Fees include access as an individual member with family. (Includes children 19-26 years old unmarried and living at home). 
  2. It also includes unlimited free admission to Marie Gagne' monthly education and empowerment classes.
  1. Pay here through my website with help in the s joining process.
  2. Go online direct to member processing at: 

[email protected].org

1-855-765-4325 for all departments





Constitution and Bylaws of the 

Grand  Priory of Turtle Island



Section 1

An International, non-profit Corporate Sole dedicated to the healing of people and the land through mostly monastic, (To live out life for a higher purpose), or indigenous measures.. Dedicating our lives to glorifying God, believing there is a purpose for existence, and petitioning God to intercede in the world for the good of all humanity. 

Section 2

The international headquarters are in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico and span the United States, Mexico, and all of the Caribbean Islands, which is the ancient Turtle Island.



Section 1

The Provider Network of the Grand Priory of Turtle Island is made up of Doctors and Practitioners of all types, such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Naturopathic and Naturopathic Medical Doctors, health coaches and others working in a natural health capacity, as well as agriculture and business executives, who want to aid in economic development of indigenous groups and others desiring natural healing for themselves and their land. 

Section 2

Most of the Providers of the Grand Priory of Turtle Island have graduated from state licensed schools and qualify to get licenses in each state.

Section 3

However, some people wish to go under an alternative licensing system which is not under the state boards. 

Section 4

The Sovereign Ecclesiastical Principality of the Church of the East, is the Government of the Far Eastern Orthodox Apostolic Church, a Church which was founded in 52 a.d. by St Thomas, one of the original 12 apostles, and the only Church in the world with an apostolic line going all the way back to the beginning of the Church Age. 

Section 5

The Orthodox Churches were the first ones to have hospitals, and the first to organize and teach indigenous and monastic medicine.  



Section 1

Around 900 years ago, the Church Organized various Knight Hospitaller Orders whose mission was to protect the pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem and tend to the sick and the wounded as a result of the attacks of the Moors (Muslims during the Middle Ages). 

Section 2

The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and the Knights of St. James are two grouops which, even today, are dedicated to healing the sick and doing humanitarian projects, all through monastic and indegenous medicine. 

Section 3

The Sovereign Ecclesiatical Principality of the Church of the East authorizes the Grand Priory of Turtle Island to set up Priories (Healing Centers) all across the U.S., under Monastic, Indigenous, Holistic and Dynastic exceptions.  

Section 4

Each will be run by Knights in the Hospitaller tradition of treating the whole person, body soul and spirit. Those that work in these centers, as well as the people that come for treatment, do not have to have the same belief in God; They must just have the desire to be able to have a choice of how they want to deal with the condition that they have without the state getting involved.   

Section 5

All peoples coming for services must join as a private member of the priory, not the Church, and they have automatic membership to all other priories in the system. 

Section 6

This is not available to the general public, we do not deal with the public at all. The mission continues to aid the indigenous people, who have suffered greatly the last 500 years, and any card-carrying member of a tribal nation will receive free membershipp and will get discounted services upon presentation of their proof of tribal status. 

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has a permanent presence in 120 countries, with 12 Grand Priors and Sub-Priories and 48 national Associations, as well as numerous hospitals, medical centers, day care centers, first aid corps, and specialist foundations, which operate in 120 countries. Its 13,500 members and 95,000 volunteers and over 52,000 medical personnel-doctors, nurses and paramedics- all dedicated to the care of the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, terminal patients, lepers, and all those who suffer. The order is especially involved in helping victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters by providing medical assistance, caring for refugees, and distributing medicines and basic equipment for survival. Today's Modern Day Role is as a permanent observer status at the United Nations General Assembly.