Humble Beginnings


Everyone has their own story to tell, this is mine. 

As a young girl I experienced what emotions can do, how they drive so many to sadness, mental illness, and even suicide. These illnesses seemed prevalent on my mother's side of the family. I was fortunate to have taken after my fathers side. Consequently, as I grew up I was exposed to the pain and sadness that many of my relatives lived. 

Through the years I made it a point to search for and research as much as I could on these emotional issues. So much is based on choices, diet, and of course some DNA. I have continued to study and have gained so much in the area of  how to stay healthy. There is not one thing, rather I continue to discover that homeostasis, which means HEALTHY BODY BALANCE, is best achieved when combining proven science, accurate technology, research and education, healthy nutrition, support, easy to follow protocols, accurate detection with quick correction through gentle frequencies, meditation, music, and art with a caring community of like minded practitioners who are willing to share their knowledge with others, then true homeostasis is attainable.  

Today my journey continues and I know that quality of life begins with the understanding of our innermost being. Science has proven that we are operating daily with a very small percentage in the use of our cognitive understanding. The majority of our being, at least 90% is ruled by our subconscious mind, and our emotions. If we could trust that most of our illnesses are first created in this area of the subconscious area of our mind, we would know the importance of working on this area as it is crucial to healing the physical diseases we experience. 

Doc MG' holistic programs were created based on many years of experience. I focus on protocols, programs and treatments that are  based on and present results, customized  into specific  programs that are based on the individual and their needs. 

As a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health,  CNC Certified Nutritional Consultant, and licensed Esthetician / Cosmetologist, I am able to recommend a variety of supplements and cleansing products and programs that have worked for so many of my clients over the years. Contact information [email protected]

We are all part of this universe 

connected to one another. 

This understanding will change

our world. Love peace, Doc MG'