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Everyone has their own story to tell, as do I.

Negative thoughts will create harmful habits and  eventually ruin your life. Observing negative family behaviors throughout my life made me realized how difficult it is to change destructive patterns. Repeating bad habits trap us in a never ending loop, a circle of sorrow, debilitating sadness, mental illness, and even suicide.   

Science has proven that our conscious mind operates only at 10%, while our sub-conscious mind is ruling us at 90% and responsible for our behavioral choices that seem so overwhelming and impossible to break. Good intentions are just not enough to follow through.  

New studies have shown that neural pathways are formed in the brain based on our repeated choices. Healing is possible when you begin choosing healthy activities. This creates brand new neural pathways and these pathways become stronger through repetition until this healthy behavior becomes your new normal. 

At Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona we have the technology to help break those old habits and achieve new healthy ones. As director of this innovative wellness center I have incorporated many effective programs that are designed to help you achieve your goals in weight loss, smoking cessation, age less beauty, and addictions. A healthy body in balance is best achieved when you combine proven science with technology, solid research, client education, and whole foods nutrition. 

Knowing where to begin is half the problem and through our AO body scans we offer accurate detection and gentle correction using frequencies which allow us to pinpoint an accurate starting point while customizing your unique program.. 

When you combine all this with our caring community of professional technicians we become your private oasis in the desert. At Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona we believe we are the best kept secret to achieving youth and vitality in Arizona.  

I created MG' holistic skin and body programs based on many years of experience in the beauty industry and as a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine with the American Naturopathic Medical Board,  a CNC, Certified Nutritional Consultant with the AANC,  state licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician. 

My extensive professional background and experience gives me the ability to recommend a variety of successful skin and body care treatments, as well as Standard Process whole food supplementation protocols and cleansing support programs. 

If you are interested in making an appointment please contact me with your request.                 [email protected]

We are all part of this amazing

universe and we are connected 

to one another. 

This understanding will change

our world. Love peace, Doc MG'