A World Life Mission 

As a Missionary Doctor and Holistic Practitioner I am committed to helping everyone in need. 

All those searching for inner strength and health. 

Everyone striving  to attain complete wholeness of

Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

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Prayer And Commitment 

  • To build relationships with all people, especially those unlike me so that I may understand differences.      
  • To never assume others are intentionally difficult, rather to   appreciate that they are thinking and making decisions based on their unique personality.
  • To never try and change others instead utilize their strengths.
  • To be civil, not allowing emotions to cloud situations.
  • To encourage business disagreements and healthy conflict as it leads to learning and better solutions. 
  • To stick to the issues at hand, focus, cooperate and listen. 

A Very Special thanks 

These suggestions were shared as written by Martin Zwilling Aug, 6 2019  

Founder & CEO Start Up Professionals