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Classes (syllabus included)

Biological Age Reversal

This is a 60 minute introduction to overall wellness. Empower yourself through the knowledge of whole foods nutrition and cleansing body techniques that will allow you to experience new vitality and super quality of life. .


Be The Captain of Your Vessel

This class is 60 minutes of inspiration and information introducing you to the practical steps encouraging you to take control of your healing journey. As a mentor I am looking forward to empowering and encouraging you. This class will offer important information on how to begin right where you are. It is never too late to recover your health. 


Sprouting For Optimal Health 

(recommended prerequisite to workshop)

During this 60 minute class we will cover the nutritional, sustainable reasons why we should all grow and eat sprouts more than ever now in 2023. Learn various methods placing a sprout garden within your home with this powerful knowledge, Spring, summer fall and winter inside your home or apartment. This is a recommended prerequisite class. The 90 minute workshop "Sprouting for Life", is a hands on workshop where you will create and take home your tiny garden of sprouts. The $25 class fee will be deducted from the sprouting for life workshop fee when attending this class first.   


Workshops (finished product included)

Foundations for Beauty through Wellness

This is a 90 minute workshop teaching the art of creating serums and sprays that will feed and nourish your skin. Everyone will take home their choice of a serum or spray at the conclusion of this workshop.


From Cell to Skin

This 90 minute workshop focuses of cleansing internal organs properly and understanding how nutritional support helps the body heal. Your choice of supplement or cleansing product is presented to every participant as a gift towards wellness.


Micro-Zen Face Lift

This workshop is 90 minutes and includes a professional assessment of your skin as well as your customized procedure. proper devices, how to use them properly and correct serums and sprays to use so that you may experience facial skin rejuventation.


Sprouting For Life                                                                         $150.00        

This is a powerful 90 minute fun hands on workshop. We will review and plant our sprouts in glass sprouting jars provided as part of the workshop fee. Everyone will take home a garden of newly planted sprouts in their jar. Lots of additional information will be handed out during this workshop. Lots of fun to take with friends and family.