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Humble beginnings. 

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The Unique Process of Healing Through Advanced Technologies, Education, Art & Music Therapy, Education, and Hands On Workshops.

                             ​MY MESSAGE TO YOU

Through the years I have discovered that homeostasis (HEALTHY BODY BALANCE) is best achieved by combining science, accurate technology, education, healthy nutrition, support, easy to follow protocols, accurate detection with quick correction, meditation, music, art and a community of like minded wellness practitioners all willing to share their knowledge and love with others. 

My journey towards a more quality life began as a holistic practitioner in the 90's as  an educator and visionary leader in the wellness, spa and beauty industry in LA Cali. My  programs are based on years of experience, and success customizing programs and treatments based on your body, it's unique needs and your personal life goals. I am certified as a nutritional consultant, earned my ND designation as a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor in 2013, and have been working as a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine with the American Naturopathic Medical Association. 

Residing in Colorado I welcome all those interested in taking charge of their lives through education and proper life changes.  


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