Dr Marie Gagne' BCDNM, ND, CNC, LE

My Story

Humble beginnings. 

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The Unique Process of Healing Through Cutting Edge Technologies, Art Therapy Workshops, and whole Food Supplementation.  

I have discovered that combining meditation,  healthy nutrition, supplementation protocols, accurate detection and correction, and some forms of Art Therapy, my clients experience healing and wellness quickly and this changes their lives forever for the better. With the motto, "First do no harm" (Hippocrates) and positive reinforcement,  I began this practice in the mountain town of Woodland Park, Colorado. Working with my company, "My Vitality and Life", enabled me to reach many in need of wellness. Whether rich or poor, I am honored to work with all who are in need and desire to feel better. As a board certified doctor of natural medicine, a traditional naturopathic doctor, nutritional consultant, and licensed holistic esthetician, I began my practice with the hopes of offering safe detection, correction, and whole foods supplementation for everyone sick and tired, losing hope, and discouraged. Soon after, I added healthy client workshops, art therapy, and advanced professional holistic esthetics training. The focus of my practice is on the client. Sessions are a process of listening to clients tell their story, taking an in depth history, and in some cases offering our non-invasive AO Scans which assist in determining the root cause of their issues. Once the best form of action is determined, I will customize a complete program tailored to the needs of my client. Combining natural therapies, whole foods supplementation, education, and cutting edge protocols are incorporated slowly, using synergistic, alternating therapies that I have designed through the years. Through diet, healing treatments, art, and unique protocols,  I am able to encourage the individuals inherent healing systems, which allow every client to experience renewed health and vitality..  Don't wait or hesitate to call me for more information. 

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