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Professional Wellness Consulting Services

The Art of Wellness 

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT is more important now than ever before. One of the many ways to achieve this is through home care programs, proper nutrition in combination with quality whole food supplements, protomorphogens, and cytosols. 



Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health, Doctor of Natural Health, Certified with AANC as a Nutritional Consultant, Licensed Esthetician, Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner for over 20 yrs, and  dedicated Missionary Doctor. 


"Helping you create a health​y body, mind, and spirit through non-invasive testing, safe products, and professional guidance".




In the 1940's, Dr Royal Lee pioneered a unique method of deriving extracts tat contain what he called cell  determinants from specific organs ad glands for clinical use. He believed that these cell determinants functioned in cell regulation, maintenance and interaction with tissue antibodies. It is clear both from the description of the extraction process and clinical use that these extracts differ from what is commonly referred to as "glandulars". Furthermore, because these extracts have a distinct clinical application and effect, they should not be confused with glandulars, nor should they be referred to simply as "protomorphogens. Rather, "Protomorphogens" is the trademark used by Standard Process Inc. as a brand name assigned to these uniquely derived extracts. "PMG" is another trademark used by Standard Proces sInc. as another brand name for these extracts. 


"Cytosol" is the trademark used by Standard Process Inc. as a brand name for extracts derived from the cytoplasm of the cell. They contain "materials" such as enzymes, hormone precursors, and synergistic cofactors produced by the cell. These materials serve as the building blocks for cellular metabolic end products that are utilized by the cell itself or transported outside the cell. 



One of the most important factors in achieving wellness is found inside your gut. By choosing organic whole foods, while supporting your body with targeted supplementation you will help your body experience lasting health. Let me encourage you to research this for yourself. There are numerous scientific articles available on the importance of building your microbiome. (also referred to as the garden within). My specialty is in finding the root cause of your health issues and helping you through the rebuilding-restoration process.


In addition to proper nutrition and whole foods supplementation you should be aware of your surroundings. We are electrical beings. Listening to certain music made up of various healing frequencies and tones has been known to stimulate the healing process of the body. This is accomplished by balancing targeted areas that may be out of homeostasis (balance). Creating beautiful sounds together and listening to music has been used for centuries in many cultures to help the mind and spirit heal.


Most importantly, practicing how we communicate with one an other through Godly love and kindness is probably the best way to allow total healing for ourselves and humanity.  

EDUCATION is an important part of my practice. Offering education keeps you informed, inspired, and motivated. If you are seeking more natural based therapies, one on one nutritional consulting, non-invasive testing with solid results and recommendations, you have come to the right place. 

WELLNESS is achieved when you create healthy habits. With education you gain an understanding of how and where to begin.

I am especially proud to offer 

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. 

My professional guidance will empower and encourage you to move forward achieving health and vitality.

I look forward to working with you as your professional guide and mentor.

Here's to your health, Marie Gagne'

Please take a few minutes to browse this website, then contact me to get started towards a healthier you. 


 EDUCATION AND ACC0MLISHMENTS  I have been consulting clients for 20 plus years. My specialties are whole foods nutrition, natural detoxification programs which include cleanse and support protocols, skin care protocols and home care kits, client integumentary system education, and supplementation for the support of the entire body. I am currently Board Certified with the American Naturopathic Medical Association as a Doctor of Holistic Health (cert. #25461) BCDHH, graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health with a diploma as a DNH, Doctor of Natural Health, and certified with the AANC, as a CNC, Certified Nutritional Consultant. advanced certifications with the 

University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in Biological Terrain Assessment and Dry Blood Cell Therapy. I will continue to serve as Missionary Doctor, certified in Monastic Medicine and specialize in Light Therapies, Detoxification Protocols, and Clinical Esthetics training.  


MODALITIES OFFERED Heart Sound Recording Sessions for Heart Support, Hair Analysis Mineral Ratios, Saliva Testing, 

Dried Blood Cell Analysis, LED light Therapies, Standard Process Natural Supplements, pH Structured Silver Liquid and Gel, Standard Process-Cytosols, Protomorphogens, Full Body Cleansing, Detoxification, Music, Tones, and Wellness Support Programs.  

GET STARTED NOW Contact me to request a time to chat and we will go from there. 

Go to the contact page and email me  [email protected]


I am not  a state licensed  physician, I am not here to replace your medical provider or primary care physician,  I do not diagnose, or prescribe pharmaceuticals, as this is not part of my scope of practice. However I am here as an adjunct  educator, clinician and practitioner to help enhance and support your wellness needs through natural methods. I recommend that you see your primary care physician for any health issues before we begin. I am here to work with you in harmony complimenting the provided by your health provider.