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Dr. Marie Gagne'


Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Traditional Naturopathic Doctor

Certified Nutritional Consultant

          Licensed  Clinical Holistic Aesthetician

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"My Vitality and Life"

If you are seeking renewed vitality, searching for the root cause of your health issues and desire to take part in the restoration your body, I invite you to visit me at "My Vitality and Life" at our center high in the Colorado mountains. 

  • The AO Vitals Scan- 1  hour session  $150    is first session is your initial baseline-review of the health of your organs,  tissues., blood, hormones, and more. 
  • The AO Vitals Comprehensive Scans $175   This scan focuses on 12 individual organs to evaluate at an even deeper more precise level. 
  • The AO Vitals and Comprehensive Scan, both for $300                                

  • HSR Heart Sound Recorder with AO Vitals and Comp. Scans $400       

  • AO Frequency correction sessions are 30 minutes $99                                                21st Century Technology.

  • The AO Scan is a NLS (non linear scan) Body Analyzer represents the latest in advanced Nonlinear Systems (NLS). This technology features the latest in spectral analysis of the human body. This is a non-invasive bio-resonance device. The comprehensive scanner has the capability to detect possible abnormalities in various cell, tissues and organs throughout the body. By measuring a patient's frequencies and comparing them to a database of healthy frequencies, the scanner can identify potential health issues. Take back control of your life, give your body the correct tools and begin your healing process.

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information contained here is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or replace your primary care physician.

The journey of 1000 miles begins with your first step and I am waiting to be your guide.

Dr. Marie Gagne' ​


Dr Marie Gagne' BCDNM, ND, CNC, LE

 A board certified doctor of natural medicine with 14 years of experience, Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutritional Consultant and licensed Holistic Esthetician. As a holistic practitioner, I am committed to helping you find the root cause of your health issues. My mission statement is based on the teachings of Hippocrates, "First Do No Harm", and this is my philosophy.

I specialize in biological age reversal, body purification , biological age reversal and longevity. Sessions are customized to your unique body chemistry. Commit to one year as a  "My Vitality & Life" member, and receive discounted  workshops, complementary products and professional clinical holistic aesthetic treatments.  

AO Scan NLS Body Analyzer $150 

AO Vitals and Comp. Scan $300

HSR Heart Sound Recorder $150

 Knowing  the root of your health issue is crucial in deciding  proper nutritional supplementation and  protocol.  The AO Comprehensive scan identifies your bodies unhealthy frequencies which results in discovering the presence of harmful parasites, molds, bacteria, fungus and much more.  With the AO Comprehensive Body Scan, you will access a 24 page detailed print out of your results. Detection to enable accurate  correction.

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

Attending  a  "My Vitality and Life"  presentation will leave you with valuable knowledge that will prove  instrumental in changing and maintaining a life filled with vitality. Workshops are always available at your request and cover a wide range  of topics to inform and empower you. 

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