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Marie Gagne'

Holistic Health Practitioner, Educator, & Nutritional Consultant

Holistic Education and Natural Solutions in Wellness

MISSION STATEMENT: "A healthy body, mind, and spirit, invites peace and harmony into your life". 

SCIENCE has proven that health begins in the gut. Living a mindful life, choosing a whole foods diet, supporting your internal organs and body systems with targeted nutrition is also a huge part of experiencing health.  There are many scientific articles out on the re-building of your internal microbiome (also referred to as the garden within).  Because our bodies are primarily electrical, we are beginning to notice that sometimes listening to certain music with various healing frequencies can stimulate our body and help to balance areas that may be out of homeostasis (balance). Creating beautiful sounds and music has been used for centuries in many cultures to help the mind and spirit heal. Most importantly, practicing how we communicate with one an other through love and kindness is probably the best way to allow total healing towards mankind.  

EDUCATION keeps us informed, inspired, and motivated to make healthy choices. 

Choose your topic of interest (topic number), then enroll. All my educational topics offer personal tests, with reviews and recommendations that are assembled for every client in handout syllabus form. 

WELLNESS  starts within our own body. By understanding how your system works we understand why it is so important to choose healthy foods and organic whole food supplements.  Proper knowledge empowers us to make healthy life sustaining choices.  


EDUCATIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS I have been consulting clients as a holistic health practitioner for 20 plus years , specializing in nutrition, cleansing protocols, Holistic skin/hair restorative solutions and education. In addition I am Board Certified with the American Naturopathic Medical Association as a Doctor of Holistic Health (cert. #25461) BCDHH and Certified with the AANC, as a Nutritional Consultant. Studying Traditional Naturopathy from the Trinity School of Natural Health I earned my DNH, Doctor of Natural Health credentials. I an authorized Healthcare Provider with Turtle Island Network (# CTIH-2019000421), a missionary doctor, certified in Monastic Medicine, specializing in Nutrition. 

MODALITIES OFFERED Listed as follows are just a few of my modalities. Homeopathy, Hair Analysis, Iridology, Saliva Testing, Dried Blood Cell Analysis, Frequency Balancing, Biofeedback, CES, LED light Therapies, Hydrogen Therapy, HBOT Oxygen Therapy, Standard Process Natural Supplements, Cytosols, Protomorphogens, full body cleansing & detoxification.  My professional recommendations and mentorship programs have proven to help you make educated decisions, choices that will result in maintaining the balance of your body, mind and spirit . 

GET STARTED NOW Contact me to request a time to chat and we will go from there. email me at [email protected]

Disclaimer: I am not here to replace your medical doctor, primary care physician, and I do not diagnose, or prescribe pharmaceuticals, as this is not within my scope of practice.