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Marie Gagne' ​BCDHH, CNC, LE

Missionary Doctor

Qualified & Experienced (20 plus years)

Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health 

Certified Nutritional Consultant 

State Licensed Clinical Aesthetician

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Marie Gagne'

Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona 

Founder of PRIMAVERA

Advanced Welllness Education 

PRIMAVERA offers wellness education for yourself, family or professional practice. 

(Personal level 1) 

$75 (Hair Analysis & Symptoms Survey)

(Family Level 2)

AO Scan Remote Frequency Access  

$350 (Remote Purchase)

Session menu prices separate 

(Professional Level 3)

$350 (Remote Purchase)

$1500 One on One Training 

$50 Data Base Reading  

Level 1 

Online Nutritional Analysis and Recommendations

Hair Mineral Analysis

Balancing Mineral Ratios

Targeting Nutrition for Body Health and Support

The Perfect Beginning Package 

This is a great place to begin your wellness journey. You will be sent the proper test with instructions. 

Your Tela-Wellness call is included in a week or so to review your lab results and supplement recommendations. Shipping is included.

Symptoms Survey & Hair Analysis
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